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Radial Agricultural Tires Designed with Improved Flexion (IF) or Very High Flexion (VF) technology


Are you going for the Improved Flexion (IF)or Very High Flexion (VF) technology? Whatever you choose, the savings areAMAZING in both cases. Tires with this technology are designed with a veryflexible cheek, which allows for a larger internal volume and, when lower tirepressure is created, a larger treadmill is created. At the same tire pressure,an IF tire can increase to 20% more load compared to regular tires. Thispercentage even amounts to 40% more tax at the VF band.


The larger tread provides lower fuel costs and results in minimum soil densification. The carcass construction with a steel belt ensures a uniform distribution of ground pressure, leakageprotection and a long life of the tread.


The benefits of IF & VF tires:

l  A longer life span

l  Excellent grip on a soft surface

l  More comfort and low rolling resistance on the road

l  Minimum soil densification

l  Lower fuel costs


Currently, Marcher has released IF600/70R30. And more sizes with the technology is coming soon.