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Pattern Application
Picture Description Application Pattern
FOREST MASTER; 600/50-22.5 650/45-22.5 "710/40-22.5(700/45-22.5)" 710/40-24.5 500/60-26.5 600/55-26.5 "710/45-26.5(700/50-26.5)" 750/55-26.5 800/40-26.5 710/55-28.5 780/50-28.5
Benefits and Advantages:Strong steel-belted carcass producing the best resistance to punctureNew lug design and wide tre…
forestry harvester, forwarder and heavy logging loader FOREST MASTER
W-10; 66x43.00-25 54x37.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:1) Special tire used in petroleum exploration vehicle (vibrator machine) and fuel truck2) Deeper…
high-powered tractors, logging skidder in agricultural and forestry applications W-10&FORESTRY
Forestry LS-2; 16.9-30 18.4-26 18.4-30 18.4-34 23.1-26 24.5-32 28L-26 30.5L-32 DH35.5L-32 73x44.00-32
Benefits and Advantages:1) Steel belted construction with heavy duty nylon casing giving puncture proof performance &…
logging skidder machines FORESTRY LS-2