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QZ-702C; 66x43.00-25

Benefits and Advantages:

1) The high flotation agricultural tires, large ground contact area, low-pressure ratio on the ground and less damage to soil and sapling

2) Tread bars of certain angle give good self-cleaning action, excellent traction and side slippage-proof

3) Deep tread design and cut-resistant tread compound give extended service life

Application of Vehicle Models:high-powered tractor, and monster truck
Product Parameters
SizePRRimTube TypeTread Depth
Inflated Dimensions (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Inflation Pressure (kpa)
66x43.00-251036.00 TL38.0105417024500170
1236.00 TL38.0105417025000210
1636.00  TL 38.0105417026100290