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AGRO-INDPRO200; 445/70R19.5 (18R19.5) 445/70R22.5 (18R22.5)

Advantages and Benefits:

1) The radial construction producing a wide base and mud releaser

2) The massive lugs with steep angles close to the central line, lower angles close to shoulders, massive centre blocks, robust sidewall construction with rim guards and reinforced shoulder area

Application of Vehicle Models:backhoe, telescopic and compact loader
Product Parameters

RimTypeInflated Dimension
Load CapacityInflation  PressureMax SpeedReplacement
445/70R19.5 IND173A8/180A214.00 TL452 1110143006500 1097.5254018R19.5
445/70R22.5 IND175A8/182A214.00TL45211921518069001097.5254018R22.5